Anna Evans

initials ae director
Anna is an expert in housing research, strategy and service development. She has over 20 years experience working in the affordable housing sector across the UK. She has an applied economics and social research background, a postgraduate qualification in Housing Studies (Stirling) and MBA (University of Edinburgh). Previously, Anna led the affordable housing policy and research business as Associate Director at DTZ in Edinburgh. Prior to DTZ she worked in local government, Scottish Homes and housing associationsin a range of research, policy and development roles.

ann evansShe applies analytical rigor to all her work, and has the ability to analyse large volumes of complex data, to answer the “So What?” question. She presents findings and advice in a clear and concise way to a range of audiences. She has acted as an interim and special manager for a number of housing associations and local authorities. Anna’s research specialisms are in housing market and needs assessment, intermediate/mid market rent research, private rented housing, homelessness, housing and social care, and temporary accommodation. In management consultancy, Anna has led 20 organisational reviews, housing option appraisals and was project manager in two housing stock transfers in Scotland. For RSLs her work has involved organisational re-structures and strategic alliance/mergers.

Anna has long experience as a governing body member: first for Lorne Area Housing Association, later for Lothian Homes and she is now a member of Castle Rock Housing Association’s Board and Chair of Places for People Scotland (CRE’s private subsidiary).