Governance is Hot

Governance is Hot

The Scottish Housing Regulator published their report Self-assessing against Regulatory Standards: A Thematic Inquiry’ this month.   The report establishes how many landlords have undertaken self-assessment against Regulatory Standards since 2012, highlights examples of positive practice and sets out principles for landlords on self-assessing against Regulatory Standards.  Key findings are that all 152 RSLs completed the SHR survey on self-assessment, but while 121 RSLs confirmed they had completed a self assessment, 31 (20%) had not.

The SHR reviewed 25 of the completed self-assessments, but found that less than half met the principles they have now laid down.  The principles for effective self-assessment against Regulatory Standards are:

  • Regular
  • Comprehensive
  • Inclusive
  • Based on Evidence
  • Objective
  • Focus on improvement
  • Report the outcomes

The SHR confirmed that they will:

  • Use the principles of effective self-assessment when they engage with RSLs about their achievement of Regulatory Standards;
  • Survey all RSLs again in 2018 to identify how many have self-assessed against Regulatory Standards;
  • Consider what the findings mean for how the SHR regulates as they develop proposals for their new Regulatory Framework during 2017 and 2018; and
  • Use the findings from this report to inform their regulatory activity and engagement, particularly their risk assessment of RSLs.

Clearly the SHR expects improvements in the number, and quality of governance self-assessments through the next survey of the sector in 2018.  In this light, some organisations will reflect on the degree to which their comprehensive self-assessment meets the principles, and necessary action to do so. Others will wish to expand the scope of their self-assessment to ensure it is comprehensive and meets the principles. For a sizeable minority – one fifth of RSLs – who have not completed a self-assessment in the last five years, they may now be planning to undertake a comprehensive exercise that meets the higher standards set by the SHR through this thematic inquiry.

The SHR confirmed in their report that of the 121 RSLs who had completed a self-assessment, 50 had done so in-house and 71 had used external consultants to obtain independent assurance.  Should you require support in undertaking any self- assessment, Indigo House has a team of governance and subject experts with wide experience of conducting comprehensive governance reviews, developing robust implementation plans and assisting where needed on the delivery of priority actions.   Please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat about your governance assessment and improvement plans and how best to achieve them. For further discussion please contact Karen Anderson –

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