Horizon Housing Association – Rent Restructuring

Indigo House has been working with Horizon Housing Association over the last year, advising on rent restructuring to create a new, more transparent and fair rent structure which is in line with the Association’s strategic objectives.

Horizon Housing Association is to introduce a new rent structure which aims to deliver rents that are fairer, more transparent and easier for tenants to understand.

The new structure will also make adaptations more affordable for tenants by sharing the costs across the total housing stock, Horizon said.

These changes follow extensive consultation with tenants, independently facilitated by Tenant Information Service (TIS) and will be introduced in April 2020.

Lorna Cameron, Horizon chief executive, said: “We are committed to making sure all our tenants can live independently in their home – and adaptations can make this possible.

“Until now, the costs of adaptations have been included in individual rents, based on the level of adaptations within a property.  However, from April, the costs of maintaining adaptations will be shared across our housing stock and not met by individual tenants.”

The new rent structure is based on a simple points system using four distinct criteria: house type; size and number of bedrooms; heating type and energy efficiency; and communal services.

There are no additional service charges and the restructure is revenue neutral and average rents stay the same; 57% of tenants will see a small increase in their rents, 43% will see a decrease. Those experiencing an increase will be supported by staff to make sure this is affordable.

Horizon also considered affordability in the restructure and all rents will be below 30% of modest incomes and 55% below 25% of modest incomes.