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Strategy Development

Developing Robust Strategies


The voluntary housing sector regularly faces significant change in the political, economic, technical and legal environment, such as the new powers for the Scottish Parliament, the impact of the financial crisis in 2007-2008 and welfare reform, technical benchmarks including SHQS and EESSH as well as new regulatory standards.


Many RSLs have sought to improve their ability to adapt and thrive by improving the rigour of their strategic planning. Anderson Business Development has been appointed by a number of RSLs, including Cadder HA, Dunbritton HA, Maryhill HA and Eildon HA to help develop their strategy. The process has involved a review of the RSLs purpose, mission and values, the development of strategic options and consideration of internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats as a baseline for identifying appropriate strategies that could be pursued. The RSL’s governing body is fully engaged in the selection of the best strategic option and the key objectives the RSL wants to achieve. When the strategic direction and objectives are set, staff have drilled down into the objectives to generate a SMART implementation plan. Full account is taken of income and resource requirements, which are tested for financial viability and risk. The draft business plan is then adapted as necessary and approved by the governing body.


This process has created a strong understanding of what the RSL wants to achieve, rationalised decision-making, with strategic objectives becoming the reference point, and led to a greater sense of ownership and accountability for achieving of the RSL’s goals.

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