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Housing Needs and Aspiration – The role of Mid Market Rent


The supply of mid-market (MMR), or intermediate rented housing has expanded rapidly over the last eight years, with many social housing providers playing a lead role in this new type of housing option. However, despite the increase in supply there is lack of awareness about this option among the general public. There are also a number of unanswered questions over the potential future role of MMR in Scotland.


Anna Evans Housing Consultancy with Mandy Littlewood were commissioned to undertake market research to improve the understanding of the current experience of MMR, and whether there is scope to expand the customer base and role of MMR in Scotland. The study explored the potential expansion of MMR from single people and couples, to families and older people in housing need.


The Wheatley Group has been provided with a comprehensive piece of market research on potential demand by customer segment and location. New insight has been provided about current MMR tenants’ experiences, their needs and aspirations, and new understanding from consumers on the potential to expand this tenure. A public briefing paper is available with a precis of findings. Research findings publication – pending.

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