Improving Governance


TUnder the current regulatory standards of governance and financial management, a number of RSLs have been keen to ensure the quality of their governance meets the SHR’s expectations. Some RSLs have faced particular compliance challenges or required support as a result of notifiable events.


Where RSLs have identified the need for governance development they have sought support to identify and implement improvements. Anderson Business Development has been appointed by numerous RSLs to support governance development, including Queens Cross, Clyde Valley, Loreburn and Dalmuir Park. A detailed plan has been developed with each client, taking account of the organisation’s particular needs and circumstances. The consultancy has included internal review to understand the current position, identification of regulatory gaps, stakeholder engagement to build commitment to the areas for improvement, programming and support to implement agreed actions including training and development for governing body members and employees, to raise standards in line with the regulator’s expectations.

Where clients have required support to address crises arising from notifiable events, Anderson Business Development has been appointed to thoroughly investigate the cause for concern and straightforwardly present findings and recommendations to resolve the matter. Clients engage in identifying lessons learned and actions to avoid reoccurrence. Where appropriate this includes training and development for governing body members and staff.


In strengthening their governance the RSLs’ governing body members and staff as well as the Scottish Housing Regulator are increasingly confident of the quality of their governance. Where RSLs have managed crises effectively, they have mitigated risk of reoccurrence and maintained the confidence of the SHR.